Choosing a Site Manager: How to choose a webmaster for our website?

Need a professional webmaster but do not know how to choose? You’re not alone. It is very difficult to choose a webmaster who can be trusted to perform his duties professionally, loyally and especially quickly. However, there are ways in which you can ensure that The person in front of you is indeed a professional.

Choosing  a webmaster

When you set out to choose a Website manager, it is very important to make the right decisions since the webmaster is likely to be the most influential factor in your business results and your earnings. To avoid errors, there are a number of questions you should ask to make sure that the webmaster can provide you with the service needed:

  1. What is his experience in managing websites?
  2. What is his degree of seniority in managing websites?
  3. What degree of availability he offers?
  4. Do you feel a connection with the webmaster?
  5. What commitments does he promise you?

Each of these five questions has great significance On the results of the relationship between you and the webmater you have chosen. Let’s divide this subject into parts,

What is his experience in managing websites?

A webmaster with experience will deal with multiple systems and have knowledge to handle each request in the best way. An experienced webmaster can help you make the right decisions and improve processes along the way so that the results will only improve and cover his costs.

What is his degree of seniority in managing websites?

The more experience a webmaster has in management activity for others, the better he can understand you and help you achieve the goals for which he has been hired in the first place. A webmaster’s seniority must come with warm recommendations from past clients and current clients.

What degree of availability he offers?

A webmaster must ensure his clients proper availability. Proper availability is a reasonable response within a period of 12 hours from the date of receipt of the customer’s written request via email or any other form of communication agreed upon by the parties, so that the customer knows that at any time he can change and improve the website and meet the expectations of his customers.

Do you feel a connection with the webmaster?

No less important than the seniority, experience and availability that are great features. It is important to check that there is chemistry and good relationship between the parties before signing agreement. The better the relationship, the more likely that both sides will be more satisfied with the arrangement and thus ensure good results!

What commitments does he promise you?

A webmaster must show commitment to his customers. Thus, the site manager must present professional work at reasonable intervals and even go out of his way to please his customer. However, when the customer is dissatisfied, it is important that there is a possibilityto to end the service at any time and move on to another webmaster.

In conclusion,

Looking for a professional and reliable webmaster? Interested in site management services? You’ve come to the right place! We offer a variety of custom website management services and invite you to contact us to check is out!

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What is the difference between website management and SEO?

We are often asked about the difference between site management and SEO. Well, this article will try to sort and display the feasibility of various services for your convenience. Let us start with the definitions and then go on o comparisons and decision making..

Differences between SEO and Site Management

Mane definitions:

  • SEO – increasing traffic from the web (search) into the site.
  • Site management – Site management after the entry of visitors to the site.

The average situation, many are paying substantial amounts each month for a professional who will manage for them the organic and ad promotion of potential customers to the site. But few pay  a professional who will manage for them the precious traffic that came to the site for conversion. In other words, missing out on many customers.

But if we dive in, we find that the differences are even smaller and more important:

The work of a SEO pro:

The advertising online world is based on three main sources:

  1. Organic promotion of the site in the search results.
  2. Paid promotion of the site in search results and on various websites.
  3. Organic and Paid promotion of the site on social networks.

These three sources are the basis for every modern website Seeking traffic. There are website promoters that do promise and succeed in driving traffic into the website and even get good results but do they get the maximum? Well, there are two types of website promoters:

  1. External website promoters – self-employed and companies that responsible to drive traffic to the site, But that’s it.
  2. Internal website promoters – employees and website owners who promote the website and also take care of the site.

The first type will drive hollow traffic to the site and the results will be reasonable. The second type will drive traffic to the site, measure its performance and optimize the the site on the basis of incoming traffic. . This is done by constantly improving the landing page, the message conveyed through the website and of course making it accessible to the general public.

The work of a webmaster:

site management is based on four main components:

  1. Maintenance and management of the site – ongoing maintenance and maintaining optimal speed performance and experience.
  2. Content management on the site – updating content, improving content and display Modes according to the requirements of the users.
  3. Marketing management for the site – Management of marketing processes (including SEO) to drive traffic to the site.
  4. Managing inquiries from the site – improving conversion ratios and constant growth in inquiries and / or purchases through the site.

While SEO is only responsible for a certain part of the funnel passed by each user, web manger must take care of the entire funnel. That is, to ensure that the site is maintained, fast and gives an excellent user experience, then he must manage and improve the content on the site to accurately display the services offered by the company, And only after he had succeeded with these steps can we go to the marketing and SEO process and encourage new traffic to the website.

So what’s better: Website management or SEO?

Costs are similar in both these services. Therefore, each website should be examined separately:

Website owners who know how to manage the site as required and can also perform improvement work on site conversion will prefer a SEO pro that is his only specialty And therefore expect better results achieving new traffic to the website. (There is not always a correlation between the service and the supplier’s professional level – the professional should be checked carefully before signing an agreement).

On the other hand, owners of websites without the time or knowledge of managing the components of the website, will require site management services that will enable them to get the best results from there website before and after the entry of users, since it is not worth investing money on SEO or PPC without a website that is ready for the site is ready for absorption of potential users.

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This article is a translation of the original article in Hebrew

Managing a website independently or by a company – which is preferable?

Most website owners manage their websites on their own. Or so they think .. In practice, the absolute majority of websites are not managed at all and do not undergo any changes for many years! This is because website owners are busy with day-to-day tasks and can not spend the time or the energy to maintain and operate the website. The question is, what do we do about it?

In this article, we review the various options and help you choose the method that you prefer.

Independent website management VS website management by a company

Websites are similar in nature to physical shops in the real world. There are shops whose windows are constantly updated and attract many customers every day. There are shops whose windows are not inviting, so the number of customers entering them is low and not very promising. As stores require ongoing management if they want to succeed, so do websites require ongoing management to succeed!

Once understanding has been internalized by us, we can choose to manage our website alone or manage the website with the help of a specialized website management company.

Here’s an explanation of the options:

Managing a website independently:

The default for business owners who own a website is to manage the site on their own. (You know, it’s free!)

  • Advantages of Independent Management:
    • No cost!
    • In-depth knowledge of the business.
    • Direct conduct with customers.
  • Disadvantages of Independent Management:
    • No time!
    • Lack of technological knowledge.
    • Content not optimized for the web.

Despite the obvious advantages that entice most of the website owners, the disadvantages are significant and the technological barrier or lack of time is a very difficult barrier to get overcome, and in most cases the websites are simply not managed due to the despair of the website owners who did not undergo regular and professional training on the website upon launched.

website management by a company:

Large companies, financial institutions and business owners who understand the meaning of a well managed and up to date website, tend to hire a website content management services and even full management services depending on the nature of business activity online.

  • Benefits of managing by a company:
    • Professional management and constant updating.
    • Peace of mind and less headache.
    • Better results from the website.
  • Disadvantages of management by a company:
    • It is necessary to update the company periodically.
    • Management services cost money..

The main barrier for business owners in the transition to website management through a professional company that specializes in management services is of course the cost of the service. Website management services cost money and not everyone likes the idea of another monthly expense. In practice, this is a cost that in many cases is so small that it is a shame not to spend what is needed and to earn an updated website, which also Responsible for better results and new profits.

So what to choose?

The answer is quite simple:

  • If you have a business and you are also technological and have the time to manage the site – continue with all your strength by yourself!
  • If you have a business and you do not really know how to operate a website or you lack the time – hire a website management company!
In conclusion,

Website management services do not cost that much. Managing corporate websites costs a few hundreds dollars per month. Managing ecommerce websites costs between a few hundreds dollars up to a few thousand dollars every month but includes everything you need under one roof. Most websites fall under the corporate category and therefore are not that expensive. Contact us for a consultation and a price estimate to manage your website with no obligation from your side!

This article is a translation of the original article in Hebrew

monthly website management cost VS website management cost per hour

If you think it’s time to take your website one step further? you must have checked out a few website management options. from a variety of possibilities, there are two that you should consider:

  1. website management on a monthly basis.
  2. website management on a hourly basis.

The service is the same service but the costs are likely to be different. in this article we will explain the types of service and their differences.

monthly website management VS website management per hour?

Let’s go!

monthly website management:

When you have ongoing management tasks on your website, it’s a good idea to have a relationship site management company regularly. in other words, we would like them to know our website inside out so that they can provide us with optimal service and solve problems quickly and in real time.

To enter an agreement with site management company, we must clarify in advance what our needs are and what we expect of them in order to prevent misunderstandings or serious mistakes. for that reason serious management companies will sign you on a SLA (Service Level Agreement) in which they commit to availability, response times and treatment times for any type of problem, what makes this service critical for medium and large companies.

website management per hour:

When you have one-time management task or task from time to time on your website, you may not want ongoing service on a monthly basis. instead, you may prefer to purchase of website management hours in advanced.

The disadvantage of website management services by the hour is that there is no obligation on the part of the management company to assist you in real time and this is a significant disadvantage for those who want peace of mind in terms of website health and site security.

monthly website management cost VS website management cost per hour:

website management cost per hour Will always be more expensive than monthly website management because all website management companies prefer a regular customer based on a retiner in contrast to a customer who drives them crazy on one subject and disappeared until the next time.

The site management company has a hard time planning a schedule for casual customers and therefore price these working hours at higher prices.

How to make a decision on the subject?

Only you know what your business needs are. Therefore, you must make a decision what is right for you. but it is important to read about costs of site management (link) and then add between 30-40% in costs if you want the service on an hourly basis.

If you are not sure what is right for you, feel free to leave your info and we will get back to you shortly 🙂